Odeur de Violettes: On Death and Dying

odeur de violettes - on death and dying


with handmade lyrics sheet and various cases

released 31 August 2012

A1.I Like My Scars, They’re the Best Storytellers
A2. High Hopes, Dashed Hopes
A3. He Had His Chance… And In Modern Parlance He
Fucked It Up
A4. I Wish the Moment You’re Inkin‘ Me Never Ended

B1. From the Pit
B2. Diagnosis
B3. Morning Fields
B4. Play Drums or You’ll Die Alone (With 52 Cats)

recorded in 07/2012 by Hromy at Low resolution studios

Odeur de Violettes is Laví

drums – Cíkál, bass and noises (B4) – Hromy, art – Judita