Noise Party warm-up: Klaus Legal & Autoknack & Ensync z Francie 13. června u Velblouda

2016.06.13Trochu hlukového zahřátí před Noise Party!

Pavel, Gael, Riccardo a Bastien, 2 solo projekty a 1 dvoučlená kapela v jedný dodávce.

Trocha angličtiny:
Pavel is „Klaus Legal“, he plays some Cataractic Industrial Noise.

Gael is „Autoknack“, he plays a kind of weird electronic music using tapes and singing in a Residents way

and Riccardo and Bastien are „Ensync“, an improv performance where real drums are remixed live to create feedbacks, surrounded by dirty ambient samples and sub frequencies.


fcbk evnt:


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