NÁV: Smrtci

NAAB #28 / MC

released April 22, 2019


1) Eternal Surreal

2) Corpse of Time

3) Night Bies

4) Funeral of God

5) Sigil of Sulfur

6) Repentance

7) Celestial Doom

„Debut recording „Smrtci“, which is now released on cassette tape on NAAB label, and which was produced in the South Bohemian Low Resolution Studios, offers seven nihilism-stinging compositions.
They once spread a creeping ominity, at other times, it cuts directly into the frost-breaking bones.
„Smrtci“ is a ruthless recording, with a large amount of spontaneity floating in the sulfur scent.“… Viktor Palák

„The album has an indescribably beautiful color for me, it’s very specific, distinctive. The songs are built quite imaginatively and in style, and together with the sound they create a very varied atmosphere that attacks the whole being and the very core of every attentive soul, which is led by this music from the first notes.“… Xen

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Hrom
in Low Resolution Studio, Jindřichův Hradec during the year 2018

PRICE: 100,- Kč


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