Five Seconds to Leave: Nina Who Wasn´t

NAAB #27 / LP

released May 16, 2018


1) No Place Like Home

2) Tall Tall Grass

3) Empty Dice

4) Into The Stream

5) I Will Not

6) Greet The Passing Day

7) Burn The Bridges

8) Dead In The Water

Recorded by Hromy in Low Resolution Studios, Dolní Skrýchov 112, 377 01 Jindřichův Hradec, CZ during the year of 2017.

Mixed in January 2018 by Hromy.

Mastered by Alan Douches in West West Side Music, Cornwall on Hudson, NY 12520, US

Cover Art & Design: Petra Bolková

Thank you: Peťa Miloš, David & Verča, Tomáš Hurych, Petra Bolková, Viktor Palák, NAAB crew

PRICE: 375,- Kč


5stl_Nina_Who_Wasnt_merch 5stl_Nina_Who_Wasnt_merch_2